*~L.I.F.E in IMU,v co13ras~*

HALOOOOO~Ivy is back~!I think I'll just let the pictures do the work~!Let's roll the "clip",enjoy~

Charity Home Visit~Woots~
~Fund raising for charity home visit~
~preparing the presents^^v~
~Introduction session~

~Game started,marshmellow team!~

~Group pictures,YEAAHHH~

^Finale Night~weeeee^

There's a LOT more events for my last few weeks,more pictures can be seen on my fb,so check it out if you r interested,k?Ivy's life has never been this interesting b4,although i'm still a shy n lonely individual,so sorry to the co13ras if u guys find me not sporting enough,i'll try hard next time k?*hugs*
♥ ♥ ♥.....Although i'm still in a dilemma whether to leave for UK,but frankly,i can't bear to leave you guys for the moment~!c013ras u guys rock~!Thanks for everything,Thanks.

Second Chance of My Life..*CHERISH*

Hey yea~It's been a long time since i last updated my blog...I'm here to tell ya two good NEWS,woots~Results have been released online on the 25th of Jan and Ivy successfully continued her everlasting records--->STRAIGHT As AGAIN~woohoo...God Bless...I can't believe it too because 2009 had been a complicated,tough year for me where I'm emotionally unstable and in a great dilemma...But anyway,I've completed my one-year A-level programme smoothly~^^.....AND the other good news is I've been admitted in IMU-PMS programme!!!!!Gonna bcum a doctor soon,FRIENDS,do pray for me and give me your support yea~I've chose IMU rather than Monash and Newcastle Malaysia bcoz i get to go abroad after 2.5 years in IMU~!Yippy~I believe I've made the right choice..hahahaXD...HMS,hope one day u won't be only a dream of mine but a reality!WOOTS~I'm coming~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't ask me why,Juz let me off,will u?

Why is the first question of all of you always will be "Tah,do you have bf dy?"or "Tah,got become thin ar?"...Do both of this really that matters?I know u all might think "We care about you!"...Well,if that's the case,thanks then.Whatever u all hurt me(without conscious) during secondary,I've gone through it,I've tolerate unitl this far so pls,would you all just let me off.Go away.Don't ever find me again.I've never felt so happy to be away from a place.A school.Friends(Maybe not).Everything that happened during that 3 years haunted me like hell,it's like a nightmare to me.I thought i could start a new life in Sunway,who knows..Who knows u all are still there haunting me,Everyday,every night,every hour,every minute every second I've been thinking of how,how to become thin,how to slim down,and eventually I spent,I waste all of my time,without mere concern on my studies as I always do since young.The first time I neglected it.I really regretted and hated that I CARE so much of all of you,I CARE what you all thought of me...Now,I plead,Just don't ever find me again,Go away.I'm timid,I tried to just escape,making nO contact with all of you,but eventually,that doesn't solve any problem.Now,I just plead to God.Save me,Malacca,Just let me go.

Love Story That I've Always waiting for..True Love


~Penang Day~XD....

Juz took a pic of Gurney drive using dad's phone as my phone ran out of battery~!!!

Basically,Ivy was out of the home this whole day~weeeeeee~Morning after breakfast at home,went out to a temple with dad n mum to PRAY~there's gonna be a new life for my whole family next year,so went there to pray for a bright 2010!!!Ivy only hope to go into medicine course successfully~!!!!That's Ivy's lifelong ambition,so regretted didn't study well for this year,i want the old Ivy back,the ambitious and diligent Ivy!!!!!!If can,mayb the bookworm Ivy..LOL~Then,dad took me to a nearby clinic to do a simple medical check up for applying University,unbelievable i didn't feel a thing when the doctor was "sucking" my blood n i just look at how he took it~i guess i'm eligible to become a doctor yeah?^^...After that,we went to Queensbay for lunch n shopping spree!!!!wooohooo~!!!!!hmmm,but just bought one shirt from Voir after hours of shopping...LOL...Lazy to try on clothes,shoes etc so basically just did window shopping,XD...It's late evening when we are heading home,just took a short nap n we went out again~to Gurney drive for our dinner~~~hehe...=^^=..aiikkss,penang's food is unresistable delicious~have to on diet again after going back KL,didn't go for gym for weeks dy~flabby stomach coming back~ISSSHHH...Anyway,Ivy is going to revive n fight for a new life~!!!!!Ivy's true frens,do pray hard for Ivy's success in life yeah~Love you

Last Day of Emerge~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>.<,it's the last day of emerge~!!!!!I'm gonna miss it especially charming n impressive Pastor Kong!!!!!!He went off right after the event n i can't even have a chance to take a picture with him,TOO BAD~Anyway,it's a WONDERFUL night,with all my New friends around.They are kind,friendly and FUNNY!XD....I'm looking forward for the next year EMERGE~!!!woohoooo...Aikkksss...got to start my diet again,ate 3 nights of supper,fattening~~~~~>.Hoping for a class trip v my exxxpreessss dear classmates buttttt...NOBODY EVER MENTION ABOUT IT...guesss mayb this year i'm not going to have a class trip dy(or is it only secondary students do that?=p)hmmmm,a bit tired now,see you all tomorrow.muahhh~

Curled my hair for the 3rd day~weee~

Second day of Emerge Rising

weeeee~Today went to emerge KL again(night service),knew a few more frens there and of course my beloved pastor Kong is still as charming as he is,XD...The manhunt n beauty pageant's finalists all were so handsome and pretty(especially M1 of manhunt,lengzai~)Saw the champion of 2008 Astro Talent Competition,Wan Chean,she sang so weelllll(at least better than when she was still in the competition,lol).Today the hall was damn freeeeezinnnggggg COLD!!!!!!!!!A bit uncomfortable plus tired,so nOt as HIGH as day 1..Anyway,the atmosphere still give me a PEACE feeling and really soothes my heart.BUT,deep down my heart,i know i'm still wondering whether to join church or even become one of them as frankly i'm a TYPICAL REALISTC and TEMPERAMENTAL person,i scared I'll gradually feel bored about attending service every weekend,and i REALLY DON'T WISH that to happen as I really respect HOLY JESUS CHRIST.So My GOd,pls forgive me for being so fickle-minded as i need time to test myself,to prepare myself to welcome you into my world.Last but not least,I wish to thank you for sending me a different fren,Alyssa Cross into my life,who explore me to a lot of NEW things and most importantly,bring me closer to you,My GOd.I pray for an everlasting happiness for her and May GOd Bless Her even if there's one day we are no longer close.